Summer can add to sleep problems in children because the warmer weather and lighter evenings can make it much harder to enjoy a full night’s sleep. Here is some simple advice to help you to create a more comfortable sleeping environment for your child in summer.

  • Block Out the Light
    The longer days are one of the main causes of sleep problems in children during the summer. Lighter evening can make it harder for children to get to sleep, while the earlier sunrises can wake them up before they’ve had enough rest. The best way to deal with this is to invest in blackout blinds for the bedroom. It can also help to take advantage of the extra sunlight by encouraging children to spend more time outside. The natural light can be good for our body clocks, while active play can tire them out before they go to bed.

  • Keep Cool
    Although warm weather isn’t always something we have to worry about in the UK, we do get some hotter nights in summer. Air conditioning or a fan can help, as can leaving the bedroom door and windows open at night. It is best to close the window during the day and to cover it with a blind if the room gets a lot of warm sunshine. You should also make sure that your child is drinking enough as it will help them to maintain the right body temperature.

  • Tackle Pollen Allergies
    Hayfever or pollen allergies can also cause sleep problems in children during the summer. Although they can affect children during the day too, allergies can be particularly disruptive at night. It is therefore important to keep allergens out of the bedroom as much as possible. Wash the bedding and hoover the bedroom regularly to eliminate any pollen that has made its way in. Keep the windows closed when the pollen count is high and make sure that your child takes a bath or shower before bed to get rid of any traces. You should also ask your doctor for advice on managing the allergy.

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