If you are a patient who is not based in London or the UK, please do not worry. We are very used to international patients. Please contact my PA Raleigh Mangsat if you need help you with a consultation, second opinion or advice.

We have close links with most London based embassies. If you are a patient whose healthcare is funded by an international embassy, please do not hesitate to contact us. All we need is a letter of guarantee (LOG) from your embassy. Please ask your embassy for this and email it to us.

If you would like further assistance you can also contact the International Offices at The Portland Hospital or Harley Street Clinic.

Portland Hospital

By Telephone: +44 20 7390 6035

By Email: Portland.InternationalOffice@hcahealthcare.co.uk

Harley Street Clinic

By Telephone: +44 20 7224 3847

By Email: info@childrensrespiratorydoctor.co.uk

Professor Parviz Habibi Available At

Harley Street Private Practice

location-icon 4th Floor Room 10,
84 Harley St, Marylebone,
London W1G 7HW, UK

The Harley Street Clinic

location-icon 35 Weymouth Street

The New Malden Diagnostic Centre

location-icon 171 Clarence Avenue

The Portland Hospital Out Patient Centre

location-icon 205-209 Great Portland
Street London