It can be difficult to know when your child needs to see a doctor, even when you’re dealing with coughs, colds and other obvious symptoms. When you are faced with a sleep problem, it can be even more difficult to know when you need help. However, there can be some very good reasons to seek advice from a children’s sleep specialist.

  • The Problem Doesn’t Go Away
    Sometimes a bad night’s sleep is just that. Your child wakes up feeling grumpy and needs an early night to make up for it. However, if the problem persists or keeps coming back too often, it can be a good idea to talk to a doctor. There may be an underlying cause that needs to be identified and treated.

  • It’s Having A Big Impact On Your Child
    One of the best reasons to see a specialist about any kind of problem is the effect it is having on your child. Anything that is having an impact on your child’s mood, concentration, school work or well-being needs to be addressed. Talking to a doctor is the first step towards making things better.

  • Your Child Has Breathing Problems
    Even if a sleep problem isn’t having much impact on your child during the day, it can still be important to talk to a doctor if it is affecting their breathing at night. Problems such as coughing or wheezing could be linked to asthma, while sudden interruptions in your child’s breathing could be a sign of sleep apnoea. Both can be investigated and treated by a children’s respiratory specialist.

  • You Don’t Know What Else To Do
    Sometimes all it takes to solve a child’s sleep problem is a shift in the bedtime routine or a change in the sleeping environment. However, identifying and implementing the changes you need to make canseem impossible on your own, especially when you haven’t slept because of your child. Don’t be afraid of asking for help when you need it.

  • You’re Worried
    Don’t ignore that feeling that something isn’t right. Even if the children’s respiratory specialist tells you that there’s nothing to worry about, at least it will put your mind at rest.
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