Allergies in children need to be taken seriously, especially when a severe reaction could be life-threatening. Unfortunately, the new Peter Rabbit film doesn’t seem to have got this message. It includes a scene in which a character is pelted with blackberries by others who are aware that he is allergic to them. While such risky behaviour is thankfully rare, children can still be the target of teasing or bullying at school that focuses on their allergies.

Tips for Preventing and Dealing with Bullying

All children will say rude or unthinking things at times, especially when they encounter something new or unusual such as allergies in children. Talking about why the comments are hurtful can be enough to help children recover and prevent it from happening again. However, if the problem persists it can become bullying and may require a more serious approach. If you are worried about the way your child’s allergies are being treated at school, the following tips might help:

Make sure that children understand their own allergies so that they won’t be confused by what other people say. Being able to explain the allergy to their friends can also help them to deal with any questions or comments. Getting other children to understand how serious an allergy is can be important as it can ensure that classmates won’t put your child at risk.

  • Talk to the school if you are concerned. Most schools are very familiar with allergies and teachers should be able to give an informed talk to the class if there is a problem. Teachers are also the best people to talk to if your child is having trouble with friends or being bullied at school.
  • Talk to your child about the differences between people and why it is important to treat everyone with respect. Allergies in children aren’t the only subject of bullying and it is important to ensure that your child understands that we are all unique in different ways.
  • Be there for your child if he or she is upset. Listening to what your child has to say can be just as important as taking practical steps through the school.
  • Encourage your child to support other children at school and to speak out if they see bullying or hear any negative comments.
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