As schools start opening again and some children return to the classroom, it is essential for parents and teachers to help everyone to stay healthy.

Keep in Touch with the School

  • Make sure you’re getting all the information your school is providing by phone, email, social media, their website, or any other means of communication
  • Be clear on the rules set out by the school for drop-off and pick-up, when your child can attend, and what changes will be made in the school
  • Get in touch with the school if you have any questions or concerns


Prepare Your Child for Social Distancing at School

  • Each school will have its own arrangements, so make sure you know what will be expected of your child
  • Talk about the changes with your child so that they know what to expect and how to behave
  • Hugging and close contact will not be allowed so it’s important to talk to children about the importance of maintaining physical distance
  • Games or sports that involve direct or indirect contact won’t be played
  • Children may need to stay in separate areas or interact in small “bubbles” or groups
  • Handwashing will be encouraged throughout the day so it’s a good idea to practice this at home
  • Children won’t usually be allowed to bring toys or other items to school, or to bring artwork or other items home with them
  • Make sure your child has age-appropriate facts about COVID-19 and social distancing so they understand what is happening and what they need to do

Stop the Spread of COVID-19

  • Keep children at home if anyone in the household or who you have been in contact with develops possible COVID-19 symptoms such as a fever or cough
  • Wash hands regularly to get rid of germs
  • Keep social distancing to prevent COVID-19 from spreading outside of schools